3 Reasons To Choose A Used Truck That Already Comes With A Camper Shell

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Camper shells, also known as truck bed toppers, are simple fiberglass accessories that fit snugly over the bed of the truck. While most used trucks are sold without this kind of accessory, sometimes you'll get lucky and find an older model being sold with a matching shell as part of the deal. There are three great reasons to choose a used truck that comes with a camper shell over a similar model without one.

Guaranteed Fit

First, you're saving yourself a lot of hassle by buying a truck with a matching topper if it's an older vehicle. Many camper shell manufacturers only make models that fit the newest trucks on the road, so it can be tricky to hunt down a shell just as old as your truck. There's no guarantee that you'll be able to find a matching shell at all unless you're buying a used truck that was built in the last few years. Using a shell that doesn't fit properly will cause water to leak into the bed and increases the chances of the shell coming loose while you're driving and damaging someone's vehicle.

Extra Storage Space

Aside from being useful to make a truck bed into a safe place to sleep when camping, most truck owners appreciate their toppers because a covered bed allows them to move and store more items. If you're running a small landscaping or construction business, choosing a used truck with a camper shell allows you to keep your equipment in the truck at all times without having to worry about theft. The flatbed covers known as tonneaus will also do this, but they don't add as much cargo capacity as the raised camper shell. Even if you don't have any business uses in mind for the truck, you're sure to appreciate the extra covered storage area when you need to move to a new house or want to go tailgating and bring along your grill. Items carried in a covered truck bed stay cleaner and are less likely to get damaged in transit.

Bed Protection

Finally, don't forget that these covers protect the truck bed itself from damage as the years go by. UV rays degrade the plastic used for lining truck beds, leading to fading and an increased likelihood of cracking when you bump the liner or drop something on it. Not only do camper shells keep the sun off the liner, they also reduce the amount of moisture that gathers in the bed. Moisture that leaks between the liner and bed frame can cause hidden rust that is hard to see.