Looking To Buy A Pre-Owned Ford? What You Can Negotiate Aside From The Price

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If you are looking at pre-owned Fords for sale, you may be looking to purchase one from a dealership. One of the biggest misconceptions and myths out there is that you can only negotiate the price of a used car. Fortunately for you, this is not the case. There are many different things that you can negotiate with if you are looking to buy a pre-owned Ford from a dealership. Here are a few of the various factors that you may be able to negotiate with the dealership. 

Replacement Parts

Most people do not realize it, but you can negotiate the cost of certain replacement parts and the labor into your purchase agreement. For example, if the car you are buying looks like it has older tires that may need to be replaced soon, you may be able to get the dealership to replace those tires for you at their expense as part of the purchase agreement. Likewise, if the previous owner changed out any factory parts, you may be able to ask for aftermarket parts to be removed and factory authorized parts to be installed instead. Depending on how motivated the seller is, they may agree to make the requested changes. 

A Maintenance Plan

When you purchase a new car, you can negotiate a maintenance plan into your car purchase. A maintenance plan may include things such as oil changes for a year or all recommended dealer maintenance for the first 60,000 miles on the car. When you are looking to purchase a pre-owned Ford for sale, you can also negotiate with the dealer to get them to either throw in one of these plans or sell you a maintenance plan at a reduced cost.  

A Warranty

The last thing that you can negotiate with a dealer when you are looking to purchase a pre-owned Ford for sale is the warranty terms. Most dealerships will include a warranty when you buy a pre-owned car for them. But the length of the warranty and what is covered by the warranty can vary. If you don't like the length of the warranty or what it covers, you can negotiate the length and type of coverage with the dealership, to help you get a better warranty for your used car. 

Getting the best deal on a pre-owned Ford for sale goes beyond simply getting the best price. Knowing what you can and cannot negotiate can help you secure not only the best price but the best possible deal on the car that you are purchasing.