4 Things To Check When Taking A Used Car On A Test Drive

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When you find a used car that you like the appearance and features of, you will want to take it on a test drive to get a real feel for what the vehicle is like and to assess the vehicle's condition. 

#1: Do a Brake Check

Having solid, working brakes is vital to the overall safety of your vehicle. You want to be able to quickly stop your vehicle. Not all brakes work or respond the same, which is why you are going to want to do a brake check.

Take the car to an empty parking lot, get the vehicle up to about 30 mph, and then press down hard on the brakes to come to a sudden stop. You want to make sure there is no vibration in the pedal or any strange noises or squeaking. You also want to make sure the pedal doesn't feel soft, which can sign brake line issues.

You should also get on and off a freeway entrance and see how smoothly the vehicle slows down from high speeds. You want a vehicle that brakes smoothly and doesn't vibrate at all.

#2: Watch Out for Shaking

Next, pay attention to how the vehicle feels as you drive it. You shouldn't feel shaking at low speeds, which can be a sign of serious damage to the vehicle. If the vehicle experiences shaking when you are driving fast, it may have steering or suspension issues. Shaking is usually a sign that something is wrong with the vehicle that could be expensive to fix.

#3: Turn 90 Degrees

When you're driving, find an area where you can make a sharp, 90-degree turn. The vehicle should move smoothly. You shouldn't feel any clunking or shaking when you make a sharp turn. This type of turn can reveal issues with your vehicle.

#4: Pay Attention to the Steering Wheel

Finally, you are going to want to pay attention to the steering wheel. Does the steering wheel pull in a particular direction? That can be a sign of an alignment issue. Does the steering wheel vibrate? That can be a sign of a suspension issue. Do you like the way the steering wheel moves in your hands?

When it comes to taking a test drive with your vehicle, you need to test out the brakes in low- and high-speed situations. You need to make a tight, 90-degree turn. You should pay attention to any signs of shaking and think about how the steering wheel feels in your hands. Contact a dealership that sells vehicles like used Hyundai cars to learn more.