Newer Model Used Cars Are Often The Best For Many People

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If you're ready for a car, whether it be an additional family car or a car to replace your current one, you might want to purchase a newer model used car. If you do, then you can get the best of both worlds. Below is more information on this. 

Buying a newer model car that's pre-owned

Buying a car that is brand new will cost you much more than buying used. Even if the used car is only a couple of years old, the drop in price will be significant. It's important to understand that a used car that's newer with low miles and that has been taken care of can still look, ride, and feel like a new one. Some of the things people look forward to that you can still find in a newer model include: 

  • A quiet ride
  • A smooth ride
  • A paint job that's in excellent condition
  • A windshield that's free of pits and chips
  • A great-looking interior with no damage
  • An interior and exterior that has no signs of fading
  • A car with no mechanical issues
  • A car with time left on the manufacturer's warranty
  • Impressive technology

Choosing a newer pre-owned vehicle

If you have decided that you would rather buy a newer model car that's not brand new, then you may want to buy from a dealership. There are some great perks you'll get when you go this route. You will get the opportunity to peruse a large selection of cars. 

You will also be able to learn so much about the different cars from the salesperson and this can be very important if it's been a while since you have owned a newer car because so much has changed about the technology. If you've been driving an older model, then the newer model cars can do a lot of things you don't expect, such as preventing you from drifting in the next lane or automatically turning your brights on and off for you when oncoming traffic comes and goes. These are fabulous features some cars have, but they are even better when you are educated on them. 


If buying a newer model car sounds good, then consider something like the 2019 Nissan Rogue SL. Newer cars often come with keyless entry, heated seats, a heated steering wheel, a navigation system, a power liftgate, a blind spot monitor, and much more and still have used-car prices.